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Steven Kuhn Profiled in the Daily Journal

February 25, 2011 - You could say mediator Steven Kuhn has unique training to make cases disappear.

Working as a magician to put himself through law school, Kuhn spent two years pulling slight-of-hand tricks, escaping from chains and slicing people in half at the Busch Gardens theme park. His roommate at the time, also a student at Southwestern University School of Law, worked as Frankenstein at Universal Studios.

Performing in front of crowds helped train him to be comfortable in a courtroom, said Kuhn, now a veteran Orange County trial lawyer with 38 years of litigation experience...

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Kuhn Mediation

Welcome to the website of Steven R. Kuhn, a mediator whose dedication to resolution spans over four decades. An experienced trial attorney and civil litigator, Mr. Kuhn works together with both sides to find solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Recently recognized by Southern California Super Lawyers, Mr. Kuhn has almost four decades of experience as a trial lawyer, focusing on the areas of personal injury and civil litigation. Since transitioning into full-time mediation, Mr. Kuhn is able to assist in a wide array of cases, and maintains a success rate in excess of 90 percent in resolving mediated matters. He can help you find the resolution you and your clients are looking for.

Please use this resource to learn more about Mr. Kuhn, including his legal experience, services, education, and involvement within the community.

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